What is custom framing?

If you have ever seen memorabilia such as a sports jersey framed, you have seen custom framing.

Do we offer custom framing?

Not only do we offer it, but also we believe that we offer the best!

How long has Erik been framing?

Beautiful Frame Print

Our custom framer, Erik Davis, has been custom framing in Findlay for over fifteen years!

Erik started custom framing at Ben Franklin on Main Street, later moving to Keepsake Custom Framing, and now framing here at the studio. During his many years of framing Erik has seen almost everything.

What are some of the most interesting things you have seen?

A full size Navy Dress Suit, a clarinet, various knives and pistols, autographed cymbals, and a button collection with over 800 buttons!

What are some of the key materials that you use?

Erik’s preference for all his framing materials is conservation grade. All the matboards are acid free conservation grade boards. The glass options are numerous, starting with Conservation Glass and working up to Museum Glass, both options will give you 99% UV Protection. Museum Glass is something that you may have never seen before….it is nearly invisible.  Several grades of Acrylic are also available; they range from standard, to Conservation, and even a brand new Museum Grade.

What are the kinds of things that you should look to display creatively?

Whether you want to frame your old concert poster, a limited edition print, a collection of postcards and ticket stubs from a favorite vacation, your child’s first artistic masterpiece, or even grandma’s old doilies, Keepsake Portraits can take care of it!