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How to get questions answered

You can quickly get a senior session online here, right now.   Either fill out the contact form or you can chat with us.  Most of the time we are able to get to your request very quickly.

If you would like to text us questions,

Just a thought

People often ask what is the one thing we like to do the best.  And while we certainly have photographed hundreds of weddings the thing that excites me the most is to create images for high school seniors.

This is such an interesting time of life as the senior prepares to go from high school to very often in college where there is considerable independence. It is a time to celebrate many years of hard work often centered around sports or musical achievements

Interestingly enough it is one of the last times they will be featured alone in professional images as the next stages of life often involves weddings and family portraits. But for parents, the ultimate reason this portrait is so important is that when the student goes off to college that portrait hanging on the wall is the only image of your child that you regularly get to see. You were so used to seeing them at the breakfast table or at sports games and now they are away at school and this is the image you get to enjoy.