Family Portrait over Fireplace

Custom Portrait Framing for your Portraits is very important

The outfits have been chosen and the portraits created, but what should be the next step for those memories? Your portraits have a purpose – to be prominently displayed and shared with your family and friends. Proper framing is like selecting the setting for a diamond – to properly display that which is most precious.

Our frame shop has access to many different styles, colors, sizes, and materials, and your personal framer is here in the studio. 

So WHY should you frame your portraits?

Create A Physical Memory

Holding on to this moment – make time stop … portraits let you hold on to moments when your heart is full. These moments can now be touched, shared, stories relived, given as gifts, and passed to future generations. In a digital world, having something to touch and share, knowing someone special has also touched it with love, connects families more and more. Where are those digital memories going? Unless they are printed, they will probably stay hidden forever. Framing keeps your cherished moments visible and vibrant.

Protect Your Photos

I once visited a client who, three years after the session, had her family’s portrait proudly on the floor at the bottom of the stairs, leaning against the wall. She assured me after her session she was going to frame it, but time has passed, and it was on the floor with foot traffic. Portraits can damage without care. Quality framing with real materials such as durable metals and solid, real wood not only helps protect but completes and prepares them to be enjoyed. Don’t wait – let us complete your portraits with framing and protect them for years to come.


Yes – “your family is your greatest work of art,” and original art makes wonderful personal decor in your home. With so many styles – from modern to classic, bold to understated – framing is first customized to the portrait itself but should also complement the style and personality of the home. Attention should not be drawn to the frame but to those featured in the portrait. With some 100+ frames from which to choose, our team can help complete your family as art for your home, complete and ready to display.

(We also frame more than just portraits – original art, reproductions, jerseys, posters, jewelry, cross stitch, vinyl records and a cymbal! … if you’re unsure, just ask!)