Film Negative Sale

Super Important FAQ

Keepsake Portraits is not going out of business.  That is N-O-T 😀. (Internet rumors can go crazy)

We are even making our post virus reopening plans right now. You can reserve a session consultation right now but clicking here: Reserve Session.

Why sell these negatives? The cost to continue storing them properly is getting excessive and a worldwide shutdown gave us some time to do some cleaning.

What will happen after this?  I will honestly shed a tear – preserving memories is what we do but the storage costs are too high and it has been more than 20 years for some of these, but the will be permanently “archived” and inaccessible – you know what I mean 🙁


Years Available: 1994~2002


We are almost reopened after the virus shutdown.

We are ready to take new sessions.


This would be a great time for an update to your family portraits.  Hopefully, it hasn’t been 20+ years!!!