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Marathon Center for the Performing Arts

Commercial Photography – Findlay Ohio

For a plan to be successful, it’s important to think about the big picture. What are you trying to convey with this image? Where will it be used and how does that factor into your decision-making process? Is there anything specific about your brand that might affect what type of photo is taken? We can help you answer these questions and plan for success, then get creative!

Interior Shot Planning

Marathon Center for the performing arts opened a new building and wanted to show some of the amazing detail of their spacious lobby. So we worked to light and capture the interior in order to emphasize its size, as well as various features like the chandelier that was purchased from an opera house and restored locally.

Adjustments:  We used the natural distortion of the wide-angle lens to create the depth and scale of the room.  If this would have been for an architect, we would have used a different technique and made sure the lines were perpendicular.



Food Photography Planning

Heavenly Pizza was updating their website and their apps to reflect their brand more.  In the planning, we knew this was a whole menu shoot, but listening to the client we knew that they frequently advertised on billboards and newspaper inserts.

Knowing they are especially proud of the custom recipe of their sauce, we chose to emphasize this with some of the fresh ingredients which we purchased and styled.  This hero image now can be across their advertising platforms.

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