Some Updates on our world.

Six Seniors Hit the Town for Pictures

  We love doing senior pictures here at our studio and around Findlay, but for an adventure we took six of this year's studio model representatives out on the town for some images.   We hopped a limo and off we went.  We not only enjoyed amazing weather, but some...

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A Visit to the Toledo Art Museum

What is a photographer doing going to an art museum? After all, there are very few photographs at any art museum and then it is usually a small traveling collection, so why would I take my family there? Appreciation I want my daughters to understand an appreciate a...

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A fun goodbye to June

We have had a blast this month with so many of the seniors who have come in.  I am trying to get all the updates onto Facebook.  Here is what I do know.  Things are getting quite busy on the schedule and more are scheduling every day.  We encourage all seniors to get...

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Congratulations to all our graduates

Congratulations I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate all our graduates.  We have had the privilege of being the photographer to so many seniors for so many schools, it would be difficult to list all of them.  I was able to get to Leipsic High School's...

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Working on studio set design – day 2

This is day 2 of our work on the sets here.  We are getting things in tip top shape for the hundreds of senior that will come here for pictures this summer.  Yes that is a subtle hint that now is good time to get your session reserved 🙂

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Working hard on our studio set design – Day 1

Every spring we work hard to create a fresh look to our sets.  This year involves a bit more than is typical. Some sets needed some repair after the high wind storm that we had last fall and then some just needed to go.  Time marches on. So we rounded up some guys and...

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Now it is time to say goodbye

The time came for us to say goodbye to our little ducklings.  Those little fellas were not so little when the time came to leave.  Some of them were even getting their quack.  I am such a proud parent. The good news is that all ten made it.  Although we didn't expect...

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We close out the duck sessions with my daughters

My daughters got the last duck session in today. For a children's session, it was pretty high energy, but both girls did great. All ten little ducklings arrived two weeks ago and now they are ready to head to the farm to roam free. We have all gotten quite attached to...

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The little guys will turn two in two days

Our little ducks for our spring portrait sessions will be two weeks old in two short days.  The time has flown by and their last official day here is Friday.  They have a few more field trips to take to various daycares in Findlay and few more photo sessions to go. I...

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Soon They Will Not Be Ducklings

I hear all the time when parents say how fast their kids grow up.  But I am glad that I don't have to buy clothes for my ducklings! These ducks are at most a week and three days old and I am guessing they are twice the size they were when they arrived here one week...

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