La ville lumière – Paris – I am going to Paris

I am not taking my wife to Paris…more on that in a bit.


Why Go?

The world is out there to explore, and I recently enjoyed two trips to Asia and one to Mexico, 🇲🇽 but this trip does have a different purpose. It is for work….really it is. Some of our amazing clients have requested our portrait work overseas, and we currently have sessions in TWO countries. We would love to see YOU out there next summer to capture beautiful images of families and seniors. Invitation’s out there!

Family Portraits

We can create a unique piece of art for you and your family while we are in the most amazing places. It is absolutely an experience that you will never forget (and a portrait of your family’s memory is better than any postcard!). Details are coming, but if you are immediately interested – now is the time to start planning – June 2020.

P.S. One of the great challenges of family portraits is getting everyone together – a vacation has everyone there – create your memory.

Senior Pictures

Hard to think of your kid being a senior? I am with you there – literally. It will be my daughter’s senior year, as well. But so many of our seniors find themselves in Europe – this could be a unique opportunity as well.

About Me Leaving my Wife in America

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