What to do at Old Man’s Cave

Certainly the goal isn’t to make this a travel blog – the focus here is really great portraits.  I wanted to show some of the photography that we did while hiking about in nature.

Our visit to Old Man’s Cave

First – Old Man’s Cave is in Hocking Hills, which is about 40 minutes southeast of Columbus in an area of Ohio that you have little reason to visit.  Unless you happen to have relatives not far from there, which I do.

Upper Falls

Second – This is a state park.  Why is that important?  National Parks are very awesome and I mentioned Mt. Pisgah in a previous post, but there is a slight drawback to the national parks – they tend not to be as much “fun”.  Use is restricted.  State Parks, however, tend to be more fun oriented (think kid friendly).


When you visit, see Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave and Cedar Falls.  All three are very, very easy hikes and Ash cave is very handicap accessible.  If you have a choice, get there after it has rained in the previous days to insure that the water is flowing – it was a trickle when we were there.

If you have members of your family that are adventurous, you can enjoy some canoeing/kayaking, zip lines, and horseback riding.  The area is abundant with camp sites and cabin rentals where you can stay.  We like rustic so we chose http://www.hockingriver.com/ which has canoeing and kayaking as well as rustic camping cabins.


For those who need some more modern amenities.  Starbucks is in Lancaster and you aren’t that far from Columbus where you can enjoy the malls and the amazing North Market.

WARNING: When I saythink summer camp.  If taking your own bedding and walking to a place to shower is not your cup of tea……google hotel and not camping cabin.  BUT, if you like sitting around a campfire in the woods and retreating to a mattress and a room with AC…..google camping cabin.

Here is a link to all the caves to visit, we did the first three with a 3 and a 10 year old. http://www.hockinghills.com/parks.html.

Hocking Hiills