When should you book your session?

No matter WHEN you want your session this summer, book the session now to save big.

Find out about a special HERE!

What time of year is hardest to get sessions?

You can see that late summer and late fall are REALLY challenging to get great sessions.  There are some WEEKS that are already taken.

Should you try to time your sessions and book late?

No. We only suggest timing your sessions if there are things like braces going on or coming off or if you are going on vacation and want to avoid looking too tan in your photos.

Trying to time pictures for fall colors or snow is very difficult.  One exception.  If there is a heavy snow, call us we are available.

Eric Leszkowicz

Eric Leszkowicz

Eric creates the images at Keepsake Portraits. Days are powered by caffeine and in his spare time he gets to spend time traveling and enjoying time with wife and two daughters.
Eric Leszkowicz