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Senior Pictures at Keepsake Portraits

Seniors are without a doubt the focus of Keepsake Portraits.  You can choose from an amazing number of sessions. There are some galleries for you to peruse and find inspiration, but keep in mind that each session is different because each individual is different.  Yes, we do have ideas for your senior picture here on the website as well as all over our studio.  However, unlike a volume operation or someone who has a camera and play photographer on the weekend, your session looks unique.  It has our signature style but a unique feel that is all your own.


Once you have chosen your session, you can elect to request a reservation online that is simple as filling out a quick form.


What you can expect for you senior picture session is an individualized time that has you and your family as the focus.  Parents enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and warm chocolate chip cookies while the senior enjoys a one of a kind experience.

We work with you ahead of time as well as before the session when you arrive to insure that you will get all that you want out of your session.  Some seniors will only need a very basic session that may involve only one or two outfits.  Other may have a dozen outfits for their senior pictures.  It depends on what you want and how you want to design your session.