Senior Picture Tips

This is a totally new experience for you. Occasionally an older brother or sister has had pictures, but often you are first.  We have included some senior pictures tips below.

We want to relax and although it may be your first photo session since you were a child, we do these nearly every day of the year and we will walk you through what it takes to have a great experience.

“You will get great images and you will have fun as well.”

What is on of the mistakes seniors make while planning their pictures?

One of the mistakes that we see is thinking only about sports or clothes.  Granted, both can take up a good bit of time, but often there is much more that could be included in portraits.

One of the best question to ask is “When I am not in school or doing a school activity, what do I spend my time doing?”  Sleeping might not be one to include, but video games, ATV’s, horses, shopping bags, landscaping, Eagle Scout projects, etc. have all made their way into senior pictures.

Two Quick Tips

Plan your hair style in advance of the session

It is not recommended to change your style too close to the session and a complete color change is really not advised.  Guys hair can get cut too short and look excessively short in pictures.

Get Makeup Done

But go easy on the makeup.  Natural is the goal,but its presence is necessary.  (Guys usually opt to skip this step).

We have many more tips in the Complementary session planning guide.

We constantly enjoy creating new sets and providing you with an inspiring senior portrait experience.  No one else offers what we offer here.  Nearly all of our backgrounds are hand-made and hand painted by our talented staff.  This is why seniors from Findlay to Ottawa to Tiffin to Bluffton and Bowling Green are coming here for pictures.

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